My Family

My Family
What if you woke up tomorrow with only those you thankded God for tonight. Thank you God form my amazing family.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Well here I am several months after my last post. How does time fly so fast. About five months ago I began a long term sub in 6th grade. My first day was the first day of CRCT. Let's just say that stunk. What a frustrating week. Now it is five weeks later and we are going on our end of the year field trip to the CNN center. I am a little worried about taking 25 kids to the CNN center and praying that all goes well and they and I return in one piece tomorrow. Last Friday I was very excited to get to go on Abi's 5th grade field trip though. She has an awesome group of teachers. I wish they could just follow her through school. They planned an amazing day filled with the Atlanta Zoo, a tour of Turner Field, and ending with several hours at the Georgia Aquarium. The day was fabulous. They arranged enough chaperones so that each group consisted of approximately five children and one adult. We had such a good time. The kids loved the excitement of the zoo, the down time of Turner Field and the mesmerizing in awe experience at the aquarium. I believe that all parties involved were happily exhausted when we returned at 9:30 pm. What AN AMAZIMG day though. Come Friday our summer will have arrived. I am so excited. This is the first time I have subbed until the last day of school and I am kind of missing my last week at home alone sitting by the pool. The pool has been opened for two weeks and I have gotten to sit and relax one day. Doesn't seem very fair. What is fair is that we are leaving for our beach trip and I can't wait to sit in the sand. My kids need a break and Darren definitely needs a break. I hope that we have a very relaxing great family memory making time. Well no great crafts (due to subbing) and no great recipes (due to subbing) this posting. I am working on some great bread and will post a final recipe soon. See you after I get my beach on. AHHHHHHHH!!!!

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