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My Family
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blog 4: Reflect on the idea that tests are the only objective assesments of students learning.

I don't know how many of you are like me, but yo mention tests and I either get so much test anxiety that I can't stand it or I just shut down completely. I don't know who coined the idea that everyone can take a standardized test and perform to the best of their ability, but they were WRONG!. I know a little boy whose anxiety is so bad before our Georgia CRCT that he has to go to the doctor because he becomes ill. Even when I did teach I hated that time of year when we had to administer the CRCT. Any kind of test that has to be under lock and key to prove our students are learning is just not right.
I would much rather walk into a classroom where students are actively involved in their learning and not sitting there biting the end of their pencil because they are waiting on the time to stop taking the test to be called. I understand that some subjects such as math are more difficult to have creative assessments but there has to be alternative methods to assessing ones math abilities. Yes, I agree that ttest are easier on a teacher to develop and grade but once a system has been developed the process can go rather smoothly. Allowing students to show their creative sides when creating posters or 3 dimensional objects to explain what they have learned is a much better way to assess them.
I am a fan of ditching test anxiety and learning new ways to assess what we as teachers are teaching our students. :-))

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