My Family

My Family
What if you woke up tomorrow with only those you thankded God for tonight. Thank you God form my amazing family.

Monday, August 2, 2010

When researching a technology infused classroom I viewed several you tube videos criiticising the way we teach. Most were comparing our classrooms to those of several decades ago and showing that not much has changed. I find this amazing considering the advances in technology and the advances in just he capabilities of the human brain. Our students are not the same as the students that were sitting in the classroom depicted in television series like "Little House on the Prairie". Our students are not going home afterschool and working on farms, they are going home watching television, playing realistic video games and communicating with others across the world.
We need to take this all into consideration when deciding on what we as teachers have to offer our students in the classroom. I would love to have a classroom where I am just the facilitator and the students are not only teaching their peers but are teaching me all of the "cool" tech stuff they know. I see the future classroom with less desk, less cluttered with teacher decorations, and more open spaces with cool new technology. Students are up moving around using cellphones, laptops, smartboards, virtual reality and 3D televisions. I love the idea of groups of students listening to different podcasts and coming together and teaching the class about what they have learned. Time restraints would be lifted on classes. The typical 55 minute classroom would be replaced with students being engaged in what they are doing and not changing classes until they have exasperated the excitement of the current lesson.
I want my classroom to be an exciting place, a place where students come to learn, and want to come and learn. I want to know my students, know what they like and not just be another warm body that passes through. Todays classroom needs to be as exciting as the video games kids play or else they have to "shut down" in order to participate in class.

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