My Family

My Family
What if you woke up tomorrow with only those you thankded God for tonight. Thank you God form my amazing family.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Finding Grace in Our Youth Last month we were blessed to be able to provide housing, transportation, and FOOD for a group of six 13-14 year old boys and two college aged leaders at an event called DNOW. In the past we have housed 6th grade girls and 7th grade girls, so boys were definitely a different ball game. I have to say that they may have signed up for a life changing experience but I am the one who was blessed. I can not even put in words the feeling of joy I get when I think about the bonds in not only brotherhood but their walk in Christ that took place over this weekend. On Sunday morning as I was waiting to load them all up in our cars for the last time I prayed this prayer : As I sit here waiting on these boys to get ready to leave my house I am a little saddened but also feel much joy. What a blessing it has been to have hosted a wonderful group of young men. Dear lord, as they leave us this weekend I come to you in Jesus' name and give them over to you. I'm convinced that You alone know what is best for them. I commit myself to pray for each of these young men for whatever it is you place upon my heart. Teach me how to pray and guide me in what to pray for them. Enable me to pray that YOUR will be done in their life. Help all of their parents not live in fear of the dangers they may face but in the joy and peace of knowing that YOU are in control. I release them into your hands. Amen Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled. Matthew 5:6 It is now almost a month past this awesome weekend and I am still thinking about these guys. For some reason their is a heavy burden upon my heart that keeps encouraging me to remember them in my prayers. What a trivial time in all of these boys lives as they venture through their teens. I urge any of you who are able to get involved with your local youth programs, these kids need adults who can help them maneuver this crazy life. They are exposed to so much more than we were 15 years ago. I encourage you to all have conversations with your teens, ask them questions, most of them WANT to talk to you about their lives. Check them out like you check all of your "FRIENDS" on Facebook... they are your legacy, how will you invest in them?

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